Brandie Lekovic discovered her artistic side while studying fashion arts & make-up artistry. Using the face (and sometimes body) as a canvas gave her a sense of power in being able to alter images and find different points of balance within the same model.

Brandie experiments with various mediums including fiber, clay, and wire. Always on the search for shaping and melding what is tangible. In her work you will see a deep influence of the 4 elements through color and texture.

Creating has become an imperative extension of her self as she leaves her imprint through art and feels more apart of this existence.

Some of her work is developed through the incessant demands of daily life and others are developed over time through feelings & travel (both worldly & divine).

Brandie is a mother, a doula, an educator, a traveler, an artist, a friend... She nurtures in others the desire and confidence to create.


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