I use a variety of felting techniques depending on my vision for the desired outcome of a piece.

Wet felting is my favorite - I find it very tactile and incredibly lush with possibilities for painting colors and inlaying yarns for texture. This technique takes time, physical endurance, and the following:


Nuno felting is the extreemly physical process of felting wool into a litely woven fabric. For each Nuno scarf, I begin by painting wool onto silk chiffon, slowly get the wet felting process underway, then vigourusly throw the piece to propel the wool fibres through the silk. A Nuno scarf takes about 4 wild hours to make depending on the intricacy of design and degree of bunching desired.

Needle felting does not require moisture. Instead, a barbed needle is used to insert numerous times into carded wool causing it to sculpt.

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