Discover the love of felt
If you are planning a group event, here are some popular felt-making workshops to choose from. You can also register for current workshops.

Wet felting
Turn wool into a painted tapestry. Learn some basics about wool and then transform the wool into fabric using a wet felting method. Felt is the most ancient textile and with all it's ancient wisdom you can follow it's direction. Your small piece of fabric can become a wall hanging, a coin purse, a brooch, or even a potholder. Wet felting is full of surprises and forgiveness. Feel free to bring inspirational images- postcards, magazines and photos are great for following shape, and examples.

Needle felted tapestry
Participants will needle felt embellishments onto pre-felted wool to make and take home an original tapestry. Discover felt and it's versatility for adornment. Painting with wool using needle felting techniques creates soft, ethereal images- similar to watercolour painting but with the warmth and texture of wool. Needle felting is a unique and gratifying art form that can be learned easily, even if you have no prior experience. Bring inspirational images- postcards, magazines and photos are great. Recreating an image from your favorite story, or poem is another option ...

Felted decorative balls
Participants will wet felt a ball and use various techniques of embellishment to create a one of a kind ornament. Workshop will include basic embroidery, beading, and needle felting possibilities.

Mini felt bird sculptures
Here is your chance to create a charming realistic or whimsical little bird using 3 dimensional needle felting. Needle felting is a process where barbed felting needles are repeatedly pushed into lengths of carded wool to condense the wool and sculpt it into a desired shape. You will leave with a darling bird that can perch on your tree or nestle in its very own llama hair nest.

Up-cycled cozies
Give your old sweaters a second life by turning them into useful accessories! We will cut, embroider and needle felt onto recycled wool. Participants will learn to recycle old sweaters, turn sleeves into little purses or pouches, embroider their creations, and needle- felt an image onto the project. Bring something that desperately needs a cozy (think: hot water bottle, tea pot, French press coffee pot, cell phone, wrist..) and some shrunken favorite sweaters if you like.

Embellish felt - A new take on an ancient craft!
Participants will learn the basic concepts of making felt, including various needlework techniques, and how to needle felt an image using raw wool. Each participant will design and create their own small art piece using various types of wool. No previous felting experience required! This workshop is all about exploration.

The above listed workshops range in time from 2-4 hours. To learn a different technique or for a more indepth study do contact me.


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